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Our Projects

Junior Maritime Project

 In our time of active development, even discarding the process of improvement after graduation, most of the traditional and universally known theoretical knowledge does not justify itself in practice. Because theoretical knowledge does not guarantee high performance in the work. That is why the idea implementation of project was found and allow now graduates, acting navigators to receive or to improve relevant practical knowledge. Our aspects aims at obtaining directly practical experience within the framework of the project.


 Junior Maritime is a powerful project with excellent program for Cadets, Ratings and Junior Officers. Founded in 2017 by Seafarers for Seafarers. More than 75% of Cadets attended section return to foreign companies and gaining promotion to become officers. 

Training and Support of Cadets


 The main criteria of cadets program of J Star Maritime Ltd. is accessibility, transparency and stability. The main requirements are good English skills, good theoretical knowledge, healthy lifestyle and desire to get a good job in future on modern vessels.

 We are committed to promoting the professional development of young seafarers. To qualify for acceptance into the cadet program, candidates must pass a rigorous screening and selection process inside of Junior Maritime Project. Upon successful completion of this phase, a cadet is then assigned for a contract as Cadet, Trainee, OS or Junior Officer.

Let's Speak Marine English "Together"

 English School - a part of J-Power Group. Intensive programm is designed for anyone and everyone who have a serious desire to improve their language skills. The course of study is based on an integrated-skills approach with listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar components. Fluency and accuracy in both spoken and written English are emphasized.

 Qualified teachers, innovative methodologies - all you need to proof your Marine English.

Shipyard & Dry Docks

 Our Crewing Agency maintains a reliable process of hiring shipyard workers, and ensuring quality in the selection process by carrying out background checks, personal interviews and skill evaluations to match building project requirements. Our tradesmen and labourers are also very competitively priced and can work under any conditions.

 Manning Services offered to our Clients and Seafarers are rendered according to the both side requirements, in a honest and efficient manner and of course in accordance with Local and International Regulations.

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