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  Agency's Quality Policy ensures that the Manning Services offered to our Clients and Seafarers are rendered in accordance with the Clients/Seafarers requirements in an honest, efficient manner and definitely according to the Local & International Regulations.

 We provide full assistance in regard to all important arrangements: Flag State documents; visa/tickets; medical and drug exams along with required courses and tests before joining.


  On behalf of J Star Maritime Limited established following Trainings and Sections under the various Projects:

  * Junior Maritime Project

  * Prove your English Project jointly

     with English School

  * Shipyard & Dry Docks Recruitment

  The main objectives for the above: English improvement, experience and proper trainings under SOLAS, Code of Safe Working Practices and IMO guidelines.


 Our main activity is Crew Manning and Management. Therefore, we are interested in Clients who are looking for a long term cooperation.

 Our New Generation Crew approach ensure employment of right people for our Clients. We have a commitment to comply with legal requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our performance.

 We are pleasured to provide you any kind of information.

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About J Star Maritime Ltd.

 J Star Maritime Ltd. is a Crewing Agency establised in 2017 and dedicated to provide to the Owners/Managers highly qualified fleet personnel in compliance with appropriate National and International Regulations and Standards.

 Our main activity is selection and recruitment of Masters, Officers and Ratings for most vessel types. Our base consist of more than 10 000 seafarers. We run two offices in Ukraine, one in Kyiv and the other one in Kherson, which allows us to operate more effectively.

 We have agreements in place with Marine Academies of Kherson, Odesa and Kyiv, we support cadet programs with the framework of Junior Maritime Project, founded by seafarers for seafarers in 2017 on behalf of J Star Maritime Ltd.

 We are truly recognize the importance of competent human resources on board, in order to operate the vessel efficiently, safely and cost effectively. We pay maximum emphasize when screening Masters, Officers and Crew, scrutinize all personal documents and record of previous sea service thoroughly. Reference check with previous employers are made for performance records.

 Highly Experienced Team conduct stringent interview to assess the professional ability, attitude, personality, communication skill and compatibility with multinational crew, emphasize on finding the right candidate for right job.

 Our Quality Policy to ensure that each vessel is manned with Qualified, Certified and Medically fit seafarers, able to maintain operating levels on High Standards at all times.

Questions? Contact us:

Kyiv Headquarters

      Minska metro station

office 400, 29b Marshala Tymoshenka Str.

04205, Kyiv, Ukraine

For seafarers:

Telephone: +38 093 33 11 0 11

E-mail for CV:

For general enquiries:

Telephone: +38 094 44 11 0 11


Kherson Office

office 208, 40 Torgova Str.

(ex. 21 Yanvarya)

73000, Kherson, Ukraine


For seafarers:

Telephone: +38 073 33 11 0 11

E-mail for CV:

For general enquiries:

Telephone: +38 094 44 11 0 11


  Feedback Form:

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