Agency's Quality Policy ensures that the Manning Services offered to our Clients and Seafarers are rendered in accordance with the Clients/Seafarers requirements in an honest, efficient manner and definitely according to the Local & International Regulations.

 We provide full assistance in regard to all important arrangements: Flag State documents; visa/tickets; medical and drug exams along with required courses and tests before joining.



  On behalf of J Star Maritime Limited established following Trainings and Sections under the various Projects:

  * Junior Maritime Project

  * Prove your English Project jointly

     with English School

  * Shipyard & Dry Docks Recruitment

  The main objectives for the above: English improvement, experience and proper trainings under SOLAS, Code of Safe Working Practices and IMO guidelines.


 Our main activity is Crew Manning and Management. Therefore, we are interested in Clients who are looking for a long term cooperation.

 Our New Generation Crew approach ensure employment of right people for our Clients. We have a commitment to comply with legal requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our performance.

 We are pleasured to provide you any kind of information.


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